SOUNDVISION DCW-9900C 2.4G Wireless Digital Chairman Unit

18,900.00 THB ต่อหน่วย Manufacturer: SOUNDVISIONSOUNDVISION

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SOUNDVISION DCW-9900C 2.4G Wireless Digital Chairman Unit ไมค์ประชุมไร้สายสำหรับประธาน 2.4G
สำหรับประธาน มีปุ่มกด Priority ปิดการใช้งานไมค์ผู้ร่วมประชุม
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SOUNDVISION DCW-9900C 2.4G Wireless Digital Chairman Unit

ไมค์ประชุมไร้สายสำหรับประธาน 2.4G สำหรับประธาน มีปุ่มกด Priority ปิดการใช้งานไมค์ผู้


DCW-9900 Series is 2.4G Wireless digital conference system, This series includes Wireless digital controller Unit (DCW-9900M),Wireless digital chairman unit (DCW-9900C) and Wireless digital delegate unit (DCW-9900D). This series combined video-tracking system,supports HD camera and SD camera and support up to 255 units.

DCW-9900 Series with simple and elegant design,Discussion Unit has LCD display infomation.Only Chairman Unit has priority of the whole meeting and can terminate or discontinue other delegate units who is speaking.This series can be perfectly integrated into any conference rooms or meeting rooms without additional wiring.It’s the best wireless conference solutions for small to medium scale conferences.


  • 2.4G Wireless digital conference system.
  • 2.4G high frequency given safe meeting circumstance.
  • Used as chairman unit.
  • Chairman priority button.
  • Easy to move without wiring connection.
  • Good ability for resistance to Mobile interference.
  • The Chairman unit is unrestricted by the limiting function.
  • LCD 128x64 dot matrix display microphone ID, battery level,microphone state, speaking mode, duration Speech time.
  • Built in Lithium battery and can rechargeable power of battery.
  • Support automatic video-camera tracking function.
  • Removeable gooseneck microphone with light ring indicator on microphone stem, light up red when microphone turn on.
  • ABS plastic shell,fashion short microphone.
  • Adopt flocking technology with the surface of the shell,high grade and scratch resistance.
  • Power/Standby key : long press for on/off the unit,press one time for standby function.
  •  Long pickup distance ,high fidelity microphone supply first-rate definition and directivity.





Frequency  2.400-2.500Ghz
Communication distance 60M (Max)
Transmitter power  10mW
Frequency response 20Hz~20KHz
T.H.D.  <0.05%dB
S/N Ratio >90dB
Operating temperature range -20~70℃
Signal covering range 60M (Max)
Sensitivity -43±2dB
Power supply Built in Lithium battery
Dimensions 190x125x63 mm
N.W. 700g




มาตรฐานการผลิต CE, RoHS