TOA TS-905

20,570.00 THB ต่อหน่วย Manufacturer: TOATOA

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Infrared Transmitter/Receiver unit
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TS-905 Infrared Transmitter/Receiver unit

  • System Features and Outline
  • Bilingual conference system. Either English interpretation (main audio) or Japanese interpretation (sub audio) is selectable for monitoring.
  • Operations such as giving speech permission can be done from the operation PC. *Custom design.
  • The number of conference units can be set for any of one, two or four persons allowed to talk at a time.
  • All speeches during the conference can be recorded clearly.
  • Sub audio(Japanese interpretation) is not recorded.
  • Threefold choice vote function enables the voting just at the press of a Vote key on each unit. The result can be instantly totalized on the Central unit.
  • Speeches can be addressed to audience via sound amplification. * The sub audio output is not amplified



Model Nº TS-905
Power Source 24 V DC (supplied from the optional TS-900 or TS-800)
Current Consumption Max.100 mA
Wavelength 870 nm (AM: Brightness modulation)
Modulation Method Frequency modulation
Carrier Frequency Transmission: Audio channel 1: 7.35 MHz
Audio channel 2: 8.10 MHz
Audio channel 3: 8.55 MHz
Audio channel 4: 9.15 MHz
Control channel: 6.45 MHz
Reception: Base language channel: 1.95 MHz
Translation language channel: 2.25 MHz
Acceptance Angle Vertical: 150°(75°+ 75°), Horizontal: 360°
Emission Angle Vertical: 150°(75°+ 75°), Horizontal: 360°
Covering Range 7 m
Connection Terminal BNC jack
LED Indicator Power
Operating Temperature 0º to+40º
Finish Dome: PC resin, visible light cut filter
Base: ABS resin, black
Dimensions φ120 ×71.3(H )mm
Weight 230 g (unit only)
Accessory Mounting bracket・・・1, Stand mounting bracket・・・1
Option Microphone stand (The mounting thread size must be W 5/16.)