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ลำโพง 8" 200W AcousticDesign™ High-output Ceiling Mount Loudspeakers
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QSC AD-C820S SYSTEM ลำโพง 8" 200W AcousticDesign™ High-output Ceiling Mount Loudspeakers

The AD-C820S System includes an AD-C820 speaker baffle, AD-C800BB backcan assembly, and AD-C800SG square grille (white, paintable)

The AD-C820's are designed for music playback, public address and distributed audio in applications that require high output from a ceiling mounted loudspeaker. The AcousticDesign™ Series of installation loudspeakers has been designed for trouble free operation and versatility. The AD-C820's use custom designed transducers and crossover networks, in combination with an acoustically optimized enclosure (AD-C800BB). These loudspeakers continue the AD Series philosophy of bringing natural and accurate sound quality combined with versatility and reliability to high-ceiling applications.

The AD-C820 assembly includes the coentrant transducers, a 70V/100V transformer and acrossover mounted on an ABS baffle.

The 8" woofer is equipped with a treated paper cone on a steel frame. In the optimized enclosure the usable low frequency of the system extends to 52 Hz. The 1.4" compression driver fires through the center of the woofer and is acoustically mated to the woofer for a smooth transition at crossover. The system achieves 90 degree axisymmetric coverage.

High-current, low tolerance network components provide smooth full-range, passive performance. The included 70V/100V, custom designed transformer is optimized for low lineloss as well as accurate and transparent acoustic performance.

The AD-C820 loudspeakers measure 91dB sensitivity (1W/1m) and at full continuous power are capable of producing 114 dB SPL (1W/1m) output.


  • 8" low-frequency woofer
  • 1.4" diaphragm compression driver
  • 200 watt continuous power rating
  • 70V/100V multi-tap transformer included (system canoperate in distributed or low-impedance mode)
  • AD-C820 transducer/baffle assembly for separated backcan installation


  • Low-frequency Transducer: 8" (203 mm) ferrite woofer
  • Hight-frequency Transducer: 1.4" (36 mm) neodymiumcompression driver
  • Frequency Response (-6 dB): 61 Hz - 18 kHz
  • Useable Frequency Range (-10 dB): 52 Hz- 18 kHz
  • Maximum Output Calculated Peak: 120 dB SPL
  • Output Calculated Continuous Output: 114 dB SPL
  • Nominal Coverage: 90° horizontal and vertical
  • Nominal Impedance: 16 Ohms
  • Power Rating
    • RMS Power Handling: 200 W
    • Recommended Max Amp Power: 400 W
  • Sensitivity: 91 dB SPL, 1W/1m
  • Bass Loading: Ported
  • Transformer Type: Custom low distortion laminatedcore, wide bandwidth design
  • Transformer Taps:
    • 100 V: 16 ohms bypass, 100 W, 50 W, 25 W
    • 70 V: 16 ohms bypass, 100 W, 50 W, 25 W, 12.5 W
  • Agency Rating: CE, UL 1480 (commercial/professional use) UL 2043 (airhandling spaces)