TOA WM-2110

12,000.00 THB ต่อหน่วย Manufacturer: TOATOA

รายละเอียดย่อ :
Desk-top Transmitter Wireless Tour Guide System (เครื่องส่ง ได้ถึง 5 ช่องสัญญาณ แบบตั้งโต๊ะ)
รายละเอียดทั้งหมด :

WM-2110 Wireless Tour Guide System Desk-top Transmitter 

(เครื่องส่ง แบบตั้งโต๊ะ)

  • The remote control function permits the unit's transmission to be controlled from external equipment.
  • Input sensitivity can be switched between MIC and LINE signal levels depending on the type of equipment to be connected to the input.
  • A maximum of 5 different channels can be simultaneously used in the same location.
  • Compact size and high reliability.


Power Requirement 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power Consumption 3 W
Modulation Frequency modulation
Transmitting Frequencies 470 MHz band (5 ch) (470.075, 470.150, 470.375, 470.625, 470.725 MHz)
RF Carrier Power 5 mW
Oscillator PLL synthesizer
Frequency Response 150 - 6,000 Hz (Desk-top transmitter to Portable receiver)
Pre-emphasis 50 ?s
Input Level(selectable) Standard input: -54 dB*/-60 dB*/-66 dB* (Mic)-12 dB*/-18 dB*/-24 dB* (Line) Maximum input: -30 dB*/-36 dB*/-42 dB* (Mic)+12 dB*/+6 dB*/0 dB* (Line) Mic/Line selection, 600 Ω, unbalanced, phone jack
Remote Input Make contact input: Release voltage: 2 V DC short-circuit current: 0.2 mA loop resistance: under 100 Ω Remote control mode: Transmit radio signal when at make
Operation Temperature -10ºC to +40ºC
Finish ABS resin, dark gray
Dimensions 140 (W) × 31 (H) × 119.5 (D) mm
Weight 270 g
Accessory AC-DC adapter (1.8 m) ... 1, Screw driver ... 1, 3-pole phone plug cord (2 m) ... 1

*0 dB = 1 V


Wireless Tour Guide System