TOA TS-910

56,660.00 THB ต่อหน่วย Manufacturer: TOATOA

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Depending on production date, 2 versions of Infrared conference units (TS-901/902/801/802) that differ in 

specification are used in the Infrared Conference system, even though they have identical model numbers. 

Since setting methods and other points may differ in part between the 2 versions (having the same model 

number), please keep the following instructions in mind when using the Conference units.

1. Identifying Units Based on TOA Logo Position

[If the TOA logo is located on the right] [If the TOA logo is located on the left]

TS-910 Series instruction manual descriptions are 

not applicable in terms of the operations described in 

the following sections. 

Top view of the Conference unit

Please use the unit as described in the TS-910 

Series instruction manual. 

Top view of the Conference unit

2. Setup and Operation of Units Having the TOA Logo on the Right

Units with right-side logos differ from units with left-side logos in the following specific areas:

2.1. Unit number settings

The usable unit number is limited.

Using the Unit address number setting switch located at the bottom 

of the unit, set the unit number within the range shown in the following 

table. The unit will not operate if its assigned number is not within the 

valid range. 

Model No. Usable Unit Number Range

TS-901 and TS-902 01 – 96 (00 when used only for monitoring)

TS-801 and TS-802 01 – 64 (00 when used only for monitoring)

2.2. Fixed PTT priority speech operation (TS-901 and TS-801 only)

These models have no Priority speech key operation setting switch. 

The Priority speech key is physically limited to PTT operation, 

therefore priority speech can only be enabled while the Priority 

speech key is held down.

2.3. Monitor volume adjustment

The Monitor volume control is only located on the right side of the 

base of the unit. 

The sound output of headphone terminals located on both sides of 

the unit and the monitor speaker can be simultaneously adjusted 

with this Monitor volume control.