2,030.00 THB ต่อหน่วย Manufacturer: TOATOA

รายละเอียดย่อ :
TOA ER-520W โทรโข่ง (10W max.) Hand Grip Type Megaphone with Whistle
รายละเอียด :

TOA ER-520W (10W max.) Hand Grip Type Megaphone with Whistle

Small in size and light in weight, the ER-520W megaphone can be easily carried by a single hand. It can also provide a whistle tone. Handle and microphone with anti-bacteria treatment improve hygiene and safety during use. The newly developed polyimide diaphragm is employed to ensure high sound quality.

Features :

  • Power Output: 6W Rated / 10W Max.
  • 8 AA batteries (8 hrs)
  • Range: 250m (speech) / 315m (whistle)
  • Anti-bacterial treatment for all models (mouthpiece/microphone and handle)
  • High durability ABS or ASA resin construction
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Wide frequency range for enhanced audio quality
  • Neodymium magnets and Polyimide speaker diaphragms